The Swimming Pigs of Bahamas

Swimming with pigs in the Bahamas

Pigs can’t fly but they sure can swim!

In the middle of a crystal clear ocean in the Exumas lies a small unobtrusive island within the Exuma cays with beautiful white-sand beaches. However, this is not a normal island as pretty soon you will be greeted by some rather strange inhabitants.

Get closer and you’ll be met by an excited bunch of snorting pigs swimming out to meet you like excited puppies.

How the pigs got there no one knows.  Legend has it that they were left by pirates or that they swam ashore from a nearby shipwreck.

They have starred in TV shows such as The Batchelor and appeared in numerous magazines.  And have probably been in hundreds of Instagram posts, making them a bucket list experience.

Meet the Swimming Pigs

There are over 20 pigs there now and often there are some new cute piglets to greet you.

The famous pigs have totally adapted to their surroundings. Some of them are large and rather persistent, especially when you are between them and food!  They will bang against the boat demanding to be fed before you’re even in the water.   Be careful putting your fingers under the water as they can look a little like chicken sausages they are fed!   Hold your hands out to show them you don’t have any food for them and they will lose interest in you.

But it certainly is a bucket list experience and once you have done it you probably won’t go back to do it a 2nd time.

The pigs of Pig Island Bahamas Bucket list trip

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