Planning a Scuba diving holiday

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When we think of diving it conjures up a colour palette of blue – crystal turquoise to deep sapphire. Colourful tropical fish dart between coral.

With the Mediterranean right on your doorstep, you can discover the colourful underwater fauna in Malta. Explore the Museo Atlántico underwater museum in Lanzarote. Whilst in the Greek Islands every dive is like an impromptu archeological adventure.

Dive a little further afield, from the crystal clear waters of Thailand. The Maldives is  renowned for its fantastic diving, tropical fish, coral reefs and white tip reef sharks. Marvel at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef or dive with whale sharks at Australia’s Ningaloo Reef.  Explore the colourful corals of the Red Sea. you may even be lucky enough to swim or dive with dolphins.

The Caribbean has 100’s of magical dive sites from the Underwater sculpture park in Grenada to the fantastic reef in Belize.


Being under the water is a whole new experience, there is a magical sereness underwater. Explore the world of sunken wrecks and cenotes, tropical fish and marine life.

We have been lucky enough to have dived in several of the world’s best locations including the Red Sea, Maldives, Seychelles, Australia and the Caribbean– so what are you waiting for, it’s a perfect opportunity to explore the stunning and colourful underwater worlds of our oceans.

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What you get

Whether you are looking for a land based diving holiday, a few days diving whilst away with your family or friends of a full blown live-abroad experience we will put together the right package for you.

You may be a qualified diver, resort diver or a total beginner wanting to try a new experience, scuba diving is a great holiday activity. We can advise you on the right destination for you, young or old.

We can create the most spectacular underwater itineraries for you whatever holiday type you are looking for get in touch so we can create your dream dive holiday.