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Planning your next family holiday may seem overwhelming at first. Trying to please everyone, which country to visit, where to stay! However, get it right and nothing will give you greater pleasure.

We understand that family holidays differ but then after all no 2 families are the same. The World is pretty much split into those with children and those without, for those with them it’s completely bizarre to imagine a world without them and vice versa!

That’s why we can recommend a fantastic choice of luxury family holiday hotels/resorts/villas, many of which have superb children’s clubs and family-friendly facilities. Chose from destinations a little closer to home in the Mediterranean, the freedom of a luxury villa, to all year round resorts such as Mauritius as well as winter destinations such as Mexico.

For those travelling with little ones we can can recommend the added luxuries that make family holidays even more special.


If the children are a little older we can put together fantastic holidays for the more adventurous families. For those that like the opportunity for every member of the family to do their own thing; we can offer the perfect combination of activity and luxury.

For those families that prefer to relax without worrying about the budget when they are there we work with many all inclusive resorts.

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What you get

Sutton & Dean can offer an amazing choice of family holidays.

We know that it takes a lot of planning and logistics when you are off on a family holiday.

We’ll advise you of the airlines that have nannies on board. Resorts with childcare for every age from 4 months old to 17 years.  We’ll find out what everyone in your party enjoys and recommend places where there are activities and entertainment that will suit all the family, after all if the children are happy then so are the parents.

We can help you arrange everything your require for your family, from organising child-friendly dinners to babysitting

Sit back and let us plan your next family holiday.