December Holidays

Where to go for December Holidays whilst its cold, dark, wet and windy and the central heating is on in the UK.  It’s definitely the time to head to the sunshine with some of these far-flung destinations

Where to go?

The temperatures are perfect in the Middle East so enjoy some shopping in Dubai or head to Jordan, Oman and Egypt which are great for exploring. The weather in the Maldives is ideal as it’s the beginning of the dry season and what can be more relaxing than a paradise island in the Indian Ocean. Chill out with the laid-back pace of life and stunning beaches in Goa.  With festivities taking place all around the world, its a great time to visit someone totally different, why not combine a visit to Iceland with some festive magic in New York whilst Cape Town is perfect for an exciting mix of beach life, idyllic scenery and culture.

Here’s some December inspiration for you.