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Grown up Getaways

Don’t feel guilty about not wanting to be surrounded by children on your holiday. Sometimes you just want to be with other people your own age in resort dedicated to grown-ups.

As an example, maybe you enjoy a nice peaceful swimming pool and no excitable children’s clubs. Well, pack your bags and grab your passports and get ready for your perfect adult holiday.

Is your inspiration is for a romantic retreat, chic spa hotel or  maybe you would prefer the quietness of an elegant luxury villa with your own private pool.

Choose a holiday to Greece where you can wander down cobbled streets. Later dine in a local taverna, visit ancient ruins and laze on golden beaches . Enjoy the paradise of beautiful islands such as Mykonos, Santorini, Kos, Corfu, Crete or Rhodes.

Imagine being able to swim straight from your own swim-up room from your Cyprus resort or head to Turkey where there are a fantastic choice of luxury resorts surrounded by breathtaking scenery, ancient history and a delicious cuisine.

However, maybe you preference is to travel a little further afield.  Head to the Caribbean, Indian Ocean or Far East, all stunning and an exotic destinations for a perfect adult-only escape. Each resort is a tropical paradise all of its own, carrying a soul and charm unique to the region.

Adult Only Holidays often feature stunning pools, stylish bars and a variety of other deluxe features.


Adults-only holidays are grown-up getaways.  Spend quality time together or jet off for a fun-filled catch-up with friends in a jaw-dropping locations.

As a result no matter what you are looking for, such as a honeymoon, romantic holiday for two, or you simply need a sun-sea-and-sand escape, alone or with friends.  In this case an adults-only holiday might just be the way to go.

We can help you find the holiday for you from tropical paradises to party places for party people — you name it, we can do it.

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What you get

Adult Only resorts aren’t just for couples. Therefore, why not head off with some friends.

Adult Only Holidays mean undisturbed escapism year-round so there’s no need to worry about whether you’ve managed to avoid school holidays.

The whole time is yours to plan around what you want to do – As an example you may want to learn to dive, head to the spa, or just relax whilst enjoying a few cocktails poolside in peace, now that’s relaxing.

So where to go? We will help you pick the holiday for you with accommodation with style, sophistication and most importantly, luxury at every turn. Just pack your favourite beach wear, plenty of sun cream and a few evening outfits. There’s only one rule – definitely don’t bring the children with you this time!